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CBGB (former)

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The birthplace of punk rock

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : East Village
Theater, Historic Site & Museum

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Mykel Board

The birthplace of punk rock. A hole-in-the-wall club that started a world-wide movement and kept it going for more than 25 years.

Kathy Bonte

As a born and bred New Yorker, I remember sneaking into CBs when I was still (a wee bit) underage, soaking up its anti-ambiance, "pogo-ing" with seemingly hundreds of other sweaty bodies to the latest and edgiest bands around and desperately trying to look "cool". It's a piece of musical history and a reminder of my own youthful rebellion. It was a forerunner in the punk-new wave movement in New York and hosted some of the most influential bands of the time. It's a self-proclaimed dump, hole-in-the-wall and fire-trap and proud of it. It's bad enough that I now lead a rather tame and decidedly un-anarchistic life as a mom in a Northern CA suburb -- CB's becoming a 7-11 is more than this particular 43 year old could take.

My personal favorite place is the upstairs dressing room area, where I was lucky enough to get to hang out when some bands I knew had a gig there. There were so many "profound" things scrawled on those walls...

Pat Byrne

This is one of the original saloons still in operation on the Bowery. Home of the 1970's Punk movement, still showcasing young talented bands with the same traditions today. It needs to stay on the Bowery at 315 Bowery. That's its home, it can't exist anywhere else. The inside needs to stay the same - the stage, the bar, the bathrooms- everything. It matters because it's the real thing. It's remained the same since it opened in 1973. People come from all over the world to see this place and experience what it is like and has always been like. The club is scheduled to close at the end of this coming October. It needs to remain a part of New York and America. If it is not, New York and the world will lose a great thing. What can replace it that will be better for New York?

Cosmo Ohms

I would hope that NYC will recognize the importance of CBGB to NYC and the world, as the birthplace of so much of the new music on this planet since the early 1970's -- such as punk, new wave and many other genres of music. This revered institution has given so much new music and talent, that it should have a permanent place in New York City. CBGB's is legendary adnd has brought much respect to NYC, as a spawning ground for vital art. (Aug. 2005)

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