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Brooklyn State Hospital, aka Kingsboro Psychiatric Center

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Historic state psychiatric facility and nursing school

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : East Flastbush
Institution, Healthcare & Wellness

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This is a state psychiatric facility and former nursing school. Woody Guthrie was treated for Huntington's Chorea at Brooklyn State, and he eventually died there. Bob Dylan visited Woody at Brooklyn State in the early 1960s. Betty Shabazz (widow of Malcolm X) attended the nursing school.

Many historic buildings remain. The movie "Awakenings" was filmed onsite, and the film includes images of the original hospital building and fountain which have since been demolished. The administration building contains a plaque to honor employees who perished during the 1918 flu epidemic. The Brooklyn Garden Club (now Brooklyn Botanic Garden) helped with the initial plantings. (September, 2009)

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