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Brooklyn Lyceum (formerly Public Bath #7)

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Once a public bathhouse, now a center for dance, music and theater that includes a gym and a cafe

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Park Slope
Institution, Performance

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Brooklyn Lyceum


Wendy Richmond

This particular public bathhouse has a diverse history. In 1910 it had the largest indoor pool in the country, as well as 100 showers. It was a very popular bath until the 1930s, when Robert Moses, as part of the WPA projects, closed it down for several years to turn it into a gym with a basketball court, running track, and few showers (moved into the old lobby area).

The building has a beautiful facade. Etched into the center/top is "Public Bath." Over the two front doors is "Men" and "Women." There are several 15-foot arched windows on the southern and western sides. Plus, there are lots of beautiful colored ornaments on both the southern and western sides.

The Brooklyn Lyceum, aka Public Bath #7, is a wonderful art center with theaters and a cafe. The web address is

Website :

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