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Brooklyn Children's Museum

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The first museum in the world created specifically for children

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Crown Heights
Institution, Highlights in Central Brooklyn, Recreation, Historic Site & Museum

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In 1999 the Brooklyn Children's Museum (BCM) celebrated its centennial. One hundred years earlier it opened as the first museum in the world designed specifically for children. Internationally, its creation spurred development of children's museums around the world. At a local level, it has always played a central role in the Crown Heights neighborhood, which has long valued the resources offered by the museum and the importance of having a world-class institution in its midst.

The Brooklyn Children's Museum was originally housed in two 19th century mansions, an Italianate villa built for the L.C. Smith family and the William Newton Adams residence. Once part of an elaborate complex of grand homes and gardens known as Bedford Park, these properties were eventually sold to the city, which in turn offered them to the Brooklyn Institute of Arts of Sciences to create the world's first children's museum. Anna Billings Gallup, a botanist...

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Nominated through the Central Brooklyn Community Focus project.

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