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Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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Extensive gardens and diverse greenhouses mark this Brooklyn oasis

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Prospect Heights
Parks and Gardens, Highlights in Central Brooklyn, Recreation, Play

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The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is home to thousands of species of plants, and welcomes visitors to its grounds year round. Its greenhouses host weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and graduations, and many newlyweds take photos by the Japanese and rose gardens. In addition, the garden provides classes, tours and festivals. Visitors enjoy the garden’s tranquility and quiet and regard it as an urban oasis.

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Brooklyn Botanic Garden


Beth Higgins

The BBG is a haven for city dwellers! Most people think of the Bronx Botanic Garden as THE place to go, but I gave a tour to a group of master gardeners, and many thought the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was even nicer. It has a wide variety of plants; greenhouses; rock, perennial, rose, and herb gardens; fruit trees... Favorite Festivals include: Chile Pepper--where you can taste, learn about, and buy; and Cherry Blossom--where everyone gathers to celebrate under the Cherry trees and enjoy many cultural activities. My favorite are the drummers.

I was a resident of Prospect Heights for 16 years, and have been a member of the BBG for 20 years now. I can’t imagine my life without it actually. Whenever I felt the need to unwind, and see beauty, it has always been there to soothe my soul. Admittedly, I am a plant lover, so it’s no surprise that I’m a fan, but I have seen the gardens work its magic on all.

The BBG is in the midst of renovating its main entrance on Eastern Parkway which I have no doubt wil be stunning. I have seen the BBG change over a span of 20 years, and they always make nice choices. The Brooklyn Museum which has recently gone through major renovations is right next door, together they will stop traffic.

Janet Zimmerman

It is cherry blossom time, and mother’s day is coming soon. My favorite Mother’s Day was spent at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden with my daughters, with cherry blossoms drifting down (although already well past their peak) and people all around enjoying a beautiful spring day. The greenhouses alone are an architectural wonder. This Mother’s Day my daughters will be staying away from me due to Coronavirus and I miss them terribly.

(added April 2020)


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