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1-19 Beak St.

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A striking Art Deco apartment building

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Inwood
Residential, Historic Site & Museum

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Dodie Dohoney (Cooper Union)

This unimposing light brick apartment building on a one-block-long street doesn't begin to hint at what's inside. Peer through the glass front doors, or get into the lobby, and you've just stepped back into an exuberant expression of the Jazz Age. The large, oblong lobby is an Art Deco fantasy of a 1930s era ocean liner, striped in ever-deepening hues of pink, separated by thin strips of chrome. A silver-framed circular, etched mirror set off on either side by polished chrome banisters, floral-etched front windows and white doors with portholes complete the grand Deco-style liner effect. So good, it's been seen on Law and Order!

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