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Place Explorer: Mott Haven

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Place Name Neighborhood Borough
Brown Place stickball field Mott Haven Bronx Playground that hosted childhood street games
Caravana Club/Bronx Casino/El Cerromar (former) Mott Haven Bronx Nightclubs that produced distinctively New York Latin music
Casino Puerto Rico/Teatro Casino (former) Mott Haven Bronx Popular dance and Latin music venue, and a movie and vaudeville theater
Mott Haven Canal (site of) Mott Haven Bronx Site of former industrial canal built in part by Jordon Mott
P.S. 52 (now M.S. 52) Mott Haven Bronx Rehearsal space where Latin music legends met and performed
Piccirilli Studio (site of) Mott Haven Bronx Stone carvers' studio that made many famous sculptures
Skate Key Roller Rink (former) Mott Haven Bronx Popular venue for skating, break dancing competitions and "battles"
Teatro Puerto Rico (former) Mott Haven Bronx Featured Mexican movies and Puerto Rican music