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Yankee Stadium (site of)

Martha Cooper
Martha Cooper
The house that Ruth built, now Heritage Field
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The New York Yankees played their inaugural game at Yankee Stadium in April 1923. As baseball's first triple-decked stadium adorned with a unique copper facade, Yankee Stadium had an air of dignity that many other ball fields lacked. Over its 75-year history, Yankee Stadium has hosted numerous other sporting, entertainment, and cultural events, earning a place of distinction in the hearts of New Yorkers, and remaining one of the most famous sports arenas in the country. Despite Yankee Stadium's esteemed history, the structure was briefly threatened by the Giuliani administration's efforts to relocate the Yankees to a new stadium, and as of 2006, the Yankee's owner and the Bronx Borough President are supporting construction of a new home for the team across 161st St. in Macombs Dam Park. What would happen to the historic stadium is not yet clear.