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Staten Island Ferry

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Staten Island Ferries. Elis Shin, 2012
Staten Island Ferries. Elis Shin, 2012
St. George Terminal, Staten Island. Elis Shin, 2012
Aquarium at St. George Ferry Terminal. Elis Shin, 2012
Views of Liberty and Ellis Islands from the Ferry. Elis Shin, 2012
Whitehall Ferry Terminal, Manhattan. Elis Shin, 2012
A shuttle between lower Manhattan and Staten Island
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In the 1700s, ferry service between Manhattan and Staten Island was limited to private individuals who provided the service via sailboats. But since 1905, New York City's Department of Transportation has been operating the Staten Island Ferry. The ferry service along the 5.2-mile run between Whitehall Terminal in Manhattan and St. George Terminal in Staten Island is approximately a 20-25 minute trip. Vehicles used to be allowed on board, but the practice has been banned since the September 11, 2001 attacks.

The Ferry is free of charge and runs 24 hours a day.